General planning advice

If you are looking to buy a property or business, develop, or are affected by development or planning provisions, we can provide advice about the planning rules and regulations affecting you. Initial advice can be invaluable when planning your project to assist in making development decisions and to avoid unanticipated costs and delays.

Resource consent applications

Preparation of resource consent applications, which includes land use, subdivision and regional consent applications. This includes the preparation of Assessments of Environmental Effects (AEE’s).

Pre-application process and consultation

It is recommended to meet with relevant councils before lodging any consent application to ensure the process and requirements are clear. We can arrange and attend council pre-application meetings with you or on your behalf, and can liaise with any other potentially affected parties or assist with the consultation process.

Existing use rights

Research and assessments relating to establishing existing use rights and seeking confirmation from council that an activity has existing use rights and does not require resource consent.

Certificates of Compliance

Preparation of applications to council seeking a certificate of compliance to confirm that a proposed activity is permitted. Such a certificate gives assurance and certainty that the proposal meets the rules and does not need resource consent.

Resource consent processing

Efficient processing of resource consent applications on behalf of council’s from straight forward applications to complex developments.


Preparation of submissions on all manner of planning matters including proposed developments, plan changes, and policy statements.

Expert planning evidence and hearings

Preparation and presentation of expert planning evidence at council hearings and before the Environment Court.

Plan development and reviews

Policy advice regarding plan development from the initial stages right through to the hearing and appeal stage.

Advice to central and local government, including liaison between departments

Advice regarding planning projects affecting government, including earthquake recovery projects and liaison between relevant departments and agencies.

Project management and leadership

Overall project management and leadership to ensure ‘joined-up’ processes and efficient outcomes.

Research, analysis and preparing reports

Research, analysis and report writing for both central and local government and other organisations to inform decision making or proposed changes to plans or legislation.